Argentinian composer, improviser, piano/syntheziser player and vocalist Nico Chientaroli started his career playing with different bands in Buenos Aires, where he became a key figure in the jazz/impro scene. He moved to Amsterdam in 2013 and since then he is very active performing across the Netherlands and Europe.

As a pianist, he explores and expands the boundaries of the piano developing a very personal way of playing. In reviews his music is described as “a magnificent and extraordinary journey of sound. Some Improvisations enable beautifully structured and impressively melodic textures to surface.” 

His main project nowadays is Owlman, a powerful large unit where Nico plays synth, piano and recites/sings extracts of texts from Jorge Luis Borges, William Burroughs, Martin Calegari and Nico himself, among others, used as elements for the improvisation, in combination with hypnotic grooves, soulful winds blowing, abstract landscapes and rock blasts.